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Bust of a City

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

Dear Editor

The short story “Bust of a City”, I can relate to it a lot. First of all, I had 16 years living in New York I was born in Jamaica, Queens. I spent a lot of time in Washington Heights home of the Dominicans. I see why this person wrote this. It’s because he or she knows the importance of New York. If you live there you would see the difference. In New York there always something to do every day. You can just go walk around and enjoy the views of the city of Manhattan or you can just sit on a train and anywhere you want.

New York is the kind of place that when you get use to it you just want to be there and not leave. The writer says in the story “New York City is a constantly shifting painting on a cement canvas that wears a seasonal mood ring”. The writer relates New York as a real person that changes it mood swings. But the writer says this because its seems as if New York is the perfect place where he or she feels safe and at home. When I read this story I knew it was for me. I relate so much to what the writer has on his mind. Also everything that the writers expressed in the story made me realize what I used to do in New York when I use to live there.

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