The Root of Joy

September 13, 2017
By emilypardo18 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
emilypardo18 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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 "The Root of Joy,"by "Hailee" brought me to better understand the importance of love in order to have joy throughout life. Her strong stance is understandable and agreeable as she is able to include her self expirience. Including this allowed a stronger meaning to be produced as I was able to connect to what she was saying. Seeing people happy allow the spread of hapiness. "Hailee"'s words allowed a better perspective of life within my own as it allowed me understand that people less fortunate than me may sometimes be happier. Materialistic things do not define the amount joy you have in life. Even when in a rough circumstance the "Love for places, love for poeple, love for Jesus, and the love for life" allow peace and tranquility, not only for one's own life but for others as well. Joy in the world allow less chaos and a better opportunity for peace. Indeed, the author's words allowed me understand the value of the opportunities I have and allow me to realize that love is an important factor in order for joy to exsist. 

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