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Unique Teen Ink

October 2, 2008
By Anonymous

All magazines nowadays are full of celebrities and what businesses think the public wants to know. Teen Ink, however, isn't covered with pictures by the paparazzi, or full of the latest gossip about politics and celebrities' personal lives. Just reading this latest addition, I could tell this wasn't your average magazine that shows what they think we should know. Its articles are unique, submitted by teenage writers my age. The writing pieces inform us of many different things, ranging from what others think of movies and bands, to life experiences, or reasoning behind presidential candidates. With Teen Ink we can reply and submit to others' pieces that they think we should know about, some with morals and lessons, or teaching us about certain circumstances. These pieces of writing also show teens that there are others out there just as clumsey, as responsible, or as absolutely clueless as we are. These articles, however, aren't just to share a story, but to help other kids learn from your experiences, not just yourself. Teen Ink is a great magazine that allows us to communicate our ideas with others.

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