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Not in My Space

December 10, 2009
By Alan Romero BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Alan Romero BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I strongly agree with Chelsea J.'s feedback on "Not in My Space." There are obviously certain risks out there in the cybernetic world, but it's the user's choice to acknowledge these faults. Those who choose to act like idiots and post inappropriate pictures or information about themselves know the risks of doing so; therefore, making it their own mistakes, which they will regret in the future. However, there was one point that I disagreed with. Those people who commit suicide due to name calling by cyberbullies may already have had previous experiences that shocked and changed them, but it's still a valid issue that may have pushed somebody over the edge, causing them to rethink their lives and their previous choices. This may cause someone to become suicidal, and I believe that Chelsea was being a bit harsh. This oppostion aside, I would like to thank Chelsea for being the voice of those who disagree with Sara B.'s article, "Not in My Space."

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