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June 5, 2019
By anastasi BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
anastasi BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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im busy unless you brought boba

“wish” by Nicole Vatis is a reflection of a teenager’s self-confidence. The piece entails a narrator hoping to be someone else because she sees herself as weak. The poem also describes the youth and inexperience an adolescent carries on their shoulders. The reader does not feel alone in their insecurities while reading this exceptional piece of art.

Middle school has made me aware of my flaws but I am jubilant to overcome that fear since I am graduating this year. As a young woman, I was aware of the judgments and prejudices people had about me. Now, I take pleasure in being unique and flaunting my own style. The line that states, “unsure of herself,/and her wobbly appendages” is relatable to my apprehension in sixth and seventh grade. In conclusion, “wish” is a robust poem that most of America’s youth can relate to.

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