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March 26, 2019
By azra GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
azra GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Only dead fish go with the flow.

“Dear Society,” a poem about the way others think about you versus the way you think about yourself, by “Brenda,” is an astonishing piece that deserves to be recognized. The author writes a letter in the form of a poem to society, asking them why they judge her by her hair or clothes. She says that that is not fair, but that no matter how hard society tries to change her, she loves who she is and will stay the same.

I realized after reading the piece that the apparent theme of the poem was that we shouldn’t judge others based on appearance, but the deeper meaning is that even if people judge you by appearance, you have to remind yourself that you are your own person and no one should be able to change you. She writes, “You can try to change me into something I’m not / But I love who I am / And that’s what I’ve got.” I absolutely loved this piece and I would like to say thanks to “Brenda” for reminding me that I am always my own person who shouldn’t let others mess with my head.

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