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The On-Earth Upside Down
By , Greensboro, NC
I don't know how to start this. There are a lot of things i want to say I just don't know how. I know that this could be important to someone but it is hard to start. We have all been sad. But there is a diffrent kind of sad. An empty sad. A... (more »)
Are We Really Ready for Synthetic Biology? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Imagine a world where cancer-affected cells can be regrown without risk of recurrence, a world where legs lost in war can be recreated or grown back. Synthetic biology, the process of creating organic material artificially, has near... (more »)
Male Body-Shaming
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Body-shaming: a common sight on the internet that has become a topic of much discussion. On and offline, countless women are being shamed because their body isn’t “perfect” or they don’t fit the mold of beauty. It has... (more »)
Crohn's & Colitis
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My name is UC Crohnie and I am one of a family of characters that helps to depict what a patient with Crohn’s and Colitis might struggle with in everyday life. I myself symbolize the fight that patients with Crohn’s and Colitis... (more »)
Mental Health of Teenagers
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The overall mental state of teens, and people in general, has seemed to progressively go downhill throughout the years. Obviously there has always been people with anxiety, ADHD, depression, or any other mental illnesses, but it seems like it is... (more »)
High School Love
By , Universal City, TX
You're young, it's your freshman year and you are dating someone you wish to be with forever. Then, you meet someone else, someone who's tall and older. Someone not in your grade, they're a junior. You like them, but you are in a one sided... (more »)
How Narcissism Can Lead to Social Isolation
By , Tirana, Albania
There once was a Greek myth, about a hunter known as Narcissus, who was well known for his beauty. One day as Narcissus encountered a lake, he saw his reflection in the water. As time passed, he continued staring at himself and found a profound... (more »)
Severe Acne with Teens
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Have you experienced or met someone who deals and suffers with severe acne? Teens everywhere are being bullied and chastised for having acne. I too have severe acne and can say that it hinders me to do things I love. I have had severe acne all... (more »)
Mask On, Mask Off
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The six thirty alarm rings. You look around and see that it’s sunny outside and think about how your sun kissed complexion might darken. You gaze into your mirror that’s propped against the wall. You see your curves, eyes, and looks... (more »)
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Everyone has them, but they don't want them. Do you know what they are? They are our fears. Listed in this essay is a lot of fears. They go from popular, or not so popular, to interesting, or uninteresting. From dumb, to not so dumb. They... (more »)
An Essay Concerning the Downsides of...
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It’s late at night - so late it’s almost morning. You’ve been working for hours, trying to finish your essay, or presentation, or whatever it might be that you’re working on. The minutes pass by without heed to your... (more »)
Infertility: An Extremely Common Phenomena
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We’ve all heard the story about the accidental conception or the baby they weren’t expecting, but how many couples willingly talk about their troubles with infertility. Infertility is defined as 12 months of regular intercourse... (more »)
Teenage Depression: Can You Actually Describe It?
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One thing about depression—it isn’t constant. Everyone expects you to be depressed all the time, to be staring at the ground or constantly frowning when you’re in public, to always be complaining about something or maybe to... (more »)
How Occupational Therapy Can Change People’s...
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How many students have trouble paying attention while in class?  Could there be a way to help people with that problem?  Occupational therapy (OT) is helpful for many different things including helping kids succeed in school.... (more »)
Mental Health
By , Pearl, MS
We all suffer from some type of mental illness through our lifetime and there's no shame in having it. It can be depression, anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, Bulimia, panic attacks, and other types of disorders that sometimes need to have some type of... (more »)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Trauma is one of the most memorable incidents that humans can endure and your memory will retain for the duration of your life allowing you to clearly recall the event at any given time. PTSD is essentially the same idea except on a much higher... (more »)
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