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Need More Free Time?

March 23, 2009
By C.J.H. BRONZE, Benciao City, Taipei County, Other
C.J.H. BRONZE, Benciao City, Taipei County, Other
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In our world today, especially for working adults, we don't seemed to have enough free time to relax. But if we knew how to organize our time, there is no reason why we shouldn't have free time. There are many ways to find your free time in a busy day, this can only happen if you make a daily schedule.
First, you have to make a schedule before the day begins. List everything you have to do and when you have to do it. After you make a schedule, create spaces between times. Luckily, you could find spaces between the times in your schedule (Even just 1 minute). Whenever you have areas in your schedule that you have nothing planned consider this FREE TIME.
Second, use your time efficiently and prepare for your appointments. For example, if you have a report due or a speech you need to prepare. Start weeks before so you don't have to prepare it too rush and make a mess. When you do things faster, your free time would be longer. Just like you finish all of your homework at school then you just need to study at home or do something you enjoy.
Third, if you have a long break in a busy day, plan your time wiser because it's time you've earned. For example, put the thing you would like to do in your free time on the schedule and separate the time for doing each activity. When you knew how to organize your time, you are more likely to have and enjoy it.
Try to make a schedule everyday, you will learn to organize your time better. So work on your daily schedule and organize your time, you would feel the happiness to have the free time you want to have and do something you enjoy to do.

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