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Senior Year

November 10, 2008
By Anonymous

I’m one of the many who have dreamed about the perfect senior year in high school. Take a bunch or blow-off classes, skip school occasionally and not get in trouble. Push the underclassmen around; go to all the parties, and games. I have always imagined my senior year being a blast, the best time of my life. In actuality, it’s not even close.

I have been told by many that the hardest year that you will find in your K-12 experience would be your junior year in high school. When I hit my junior year, I truly believed them, I took three tough classes, but the rest of my seventh hour day was fairly easy.

This gave me time to do things in my free time. I was a new member to NHS and a track participant, sure I felt overloaded occasionally, but for the most part it seemed fun. It was worth it to do all those things. When we began to fill out what we wanted as classes for our senior year, I heard kids talking about taking all blow off classes. I took the harder route, and tried to take classes that I knew would help me in my future career.

My senior year schedule came late in August. English 12, was to be my first class of the day, piece of cake, I love English class. It turned out English that wasn’t as fun this year as it had been previously. It wasn’t that difficult it was just, boring.

Anatomy was to be my second hour. I thought for sure that this would be an easy class; after all, our teacher was as much of a goof as we were. He really didn’t like doing that much work either, so I expected it to be easy. I was completely wrong, the homework seemed endless and everything just seemed so hard.

AP US History was my third hour. This would probably become my favorite hour of the day, just not my favorite class. We had highlighting every night, tests every weekend, and what seemed like an essay every Monday. It became excruciating.

Psychology was my fourth hour, and it became boring. Most kids slept during the hour, or talked so loud you couldn’t hear the teacher. It was like I really couldn’t learn anything useful in that class.

Organic Chemistry was my fifth hour. There was homework every night, everything was new and hard. I knew that this class was something I would need in college, so I had to do well in it, but it just overwhelmed me.

My last two hours became my blow off hours, Consumer Economics and Computers. Yet I still come home every day with a headache. I take a two hour nap when I get home, and I have to stay up late just trying to finish my homework. Taking hard classes will pay off in the end; I just wish I would have balanced my schedule between hard and easy.

Taking the easy way out isn’t the best option, but I also think that taking all hard classes isn’t the best option either. Everyone, even seniors need an equal balance of hard and easy in their lives. I wish I wouldn’t have learned that out the hard way.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece one night when the stress of my senior year just got too much. I wanted to show other teens that taking an equal balance in school is what is best for a person.

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on Nov. 14 2008 at 2:52 am
So true. Senior year is way harder than everyone says. I too, dreamed of blowing it all off...but here I am now, with a ridiculously hard schedule and no blocks off.