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Attention All Students

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Students of Arrowhead High School, stress is abundant; in our work place, at home, and within school walls. I have a few solutions that should help you on your way to becoming a stress free individual. Students succumb to stress due to long work hours, large homework loads, chores, ubiquitous thoughts, or a combination of factors. My advice to you is to find a remote area, away from noise and distraction. Once there, there are different activities you can do to relieve stress. Stress relieving activities include: Reading a book, taking a power nap, listen to music, and my personal favorite, playing an instrument.
The second way to respite stress is to take a drive or walk. This activity is another favorite for me. There is one problem with this activity though. If you are an angry driver, do not drive stressed. Driving can be an instant stress reliever or a bad idea. Think about which decision is best for you.
When given a heavy load of homework coupled with long hours at work, students can get malignant headaches known as migraine headaches. These are excruciatingly painful and must be taken care of properly. If you are spoken to and every vibration reverberates in your head, lie down. It is the best thing you can do, along with staying away from any from of light. This technique should thwart the migraine temporarily. Be sure to know the signs that you are getting a migraine. A small headache with a pain in your eyes and sensitivity to light can be a harbinger.
My last piece of advice is to take time off and spend time with some close friends. This is perhaps the best stress reliever of all. Close friends tend to bring out the best of the situation or even comfort you in your time of need. Go to a movie, or maybe go to the skate park. Other ideas include: shopping, going out to eat, having a get-together at someone’s house and playing a game or talking. Choose an activity that you and your friends are in to.
Don’t be fretful of trying these ideas. When you are stressed, activities like these can help drastically. Please give them a try and see if the techniques are right for you. Try being creative and coming up with you own activity. You will realize that a stress free life opens up a world of opportunities.

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