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December 31, 2014
By Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
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I had this awfully horrible dream once. At first I was seeing quite beautiful things. The world united in peace, nobody suffering from hunger or diseases and no form of abuse prevalent among people. But then, everything went hazy and I was suddenly staring at a plain white screen. Then I heard a sound like bling! What happened next? I realized I was looking at some sort of chat and what I saw was pretty unnerving. Here's what it was like :


Alcohol : hey sup, guys????

Smoking : Nothin much am just killing random people.

Alc : Oh i LUV d way u kill ppl!!!!!

Smok : Really? thanx! n wt r u doing?

Alc : Um... am feeling pretty important. SSSSOOOOO many ppl are consuming me. Parties, homes, bars, even schools!!! Just about everywhere.....

Smok : nice! so the teens took u into skool huh?

Alc : oh yeah! isn't dat sweet?

Smok : Uh .... yeah pretty much!!!

Alc : Truly speaking am flattered by the way so many ppl consume me despite knowing dat i'll kill them some day

Smok : same here dude!!!! i seep through their lungs, destroy their respiratory systems n still these idiots LUV me!!!!

Alc : wt's DRUGZ upto?

Smok : dunno.........

[ Drugz is online ]

Drugz : hullo............

Alc : hey!!! we were just talkin bout u! wt were u doing?? i mean where were u?

Drugz : me? just spoiling young lives, forcing them into temptation, ruining their families and destroying their future....HOWZATT??

Smok : COOL!!!

Drugz : uh huh!!!! we all seriously wreck havoc yet ppl r stupid enough to use us for their 'ECSTASY' N their 'Euphoria'!!!!!

Alc : totally!!

Smok : same here guys.... k den gotta go must kill a few millions 2day !!!! bubye!!!

Alc : bye!

Drugz : bye!



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The author's comments:

I just wanna show 2 every1 how futile it is 2 get involved wid drugs, alcohol n smoking..... i was seriously angry when sum gud friends i knew tuk 2 smoking....but fortunately dey've given it up.....................................

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