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A Scary Thing

June 9, 2008
By Anonymous

One day in kindergarten, I was on the monkey bars with my friends when I was trying to flip upside-down and then, I got stuck upside-down with one foot in between the bars. I heard a giant pop an it felt like ligning bolts going down my leg. My mom worked for the school and a teacher had to interupt her class and tell her that I was upside-down on the monkey bars and I was crying. She ran out of her classroom and went out to the playground to get me down. She took me up to the nurses office and there she took my shoe off and the look on her and the nurse's face was of horror.

My ankle had been swollen and bruised. My mom's hand couldn't even fit around my ankle. My mom took me to my doctor immediately and they took a bunch of x-rays and they said that it was just a sprain and it would heal on its own. About 3 months after the accident, my mom took me back to my doctor because it wasn't healing.

They took more x-rays and they said that it will be one of those injuries that takes a while to heal.

That never happened.

So my family finally got so fed up, that they took me to orthopedic specialist(after 7 years of pain) and he gave me an MRI order. That was the smartest thing that anyone did. They found out that I had shattered the entire inside of my ankle that couldn't be seen on x-ray. So the next thing he said was "It will be major surgery to fix this" I was so scared right then that I got up and went outside to get some air. He said that until the surgery, I couldn't go to school because I had to be in a wheelchair with my foot elevated at all times. And my school had nothing but stairs. So that would be my life until a month from then. And after the surgery was done I had to stay overnight in the hospital. My foot never healed after that so, they took another MRI and found that I had also shredded my tendons, ligaments, and muscles. That was another surgery on my plate but that one I had a week to prepare for. After that one, I had to stay overnight again and then my foot started to heal and now I am walking and pain-free.

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