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Health Program in East Jordan

November 18, 2010
By MikaelaGraham SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
MikaelaGraham SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
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Many people don’t know that there is a weight watchers program in our own town. Every Tuesday night, at 5p.m. , at the Luther Church. This program is really beneficial and works.
Why diet, and not be able to eat what you want? Weight Watchers is a portion size decrease. Many people are in Weight Watchers to stay fit or to lose weight. Anyone can join if you’re above the age 18 /years old or with doctor’s note.
With weight watchers you get weighed weekly on Tuesday night at the meeting and get encouragement from the other members. Weigh ins are private and confidential. At the meetings, the members share their weekly workouts or tips about what to eat.
During the meetings, the leader goes around the room and asks how much participants lost that week and how they did it. If you lost weight, you will receive bravo stickers and when you meet a goal, you will get ribbons. The meetings provide support and lots of help.
That really helps people feel good and be who they are with the group. People probably do not know that there is help here in our community.
The program does cost money, ages 18 and up is $12 a week, youths is $11. A monthly pass is available for $80 for 8 weeks.
Did you know that Weight Watchers is available in East Jordan? Sophomore Heather said, “I had no idea”. Teacher at East Jordan High School Alice McPherson, said, “no”.
Do you think having a health program like Weight Watchers is a good idea? Heather said, “yes”. McPherson said, “yes, it’s a good idea to have it available”.
Would you really want to eat what you want, without dieting? Heather quoted, “Of course, who wouldn’t”. Mrs. McPherson also said “yes”.
Do you think that eating what you want but with smaller portions within your daily points, help you lose weight? Heather said, “yes, I really think it will work.” Mrs. McPherson said, if people are willing to follow it through.
Will workouts benefit you during the program? Mrs. McPherson said, “Yes, extra activities will work with the program”.
Many good life habits get made doing Weight Watchers. Why diet, when you can enjoy what you want, but smaller sizes? Weight Watchers lets people eat what they want and have sweets. With your daily point values its easy to keep track of your meal and stay with tracking your points. This health program is a working portion size diet. People in Weight Watchers are supportive and willing to help. In East Jordan Weight Watchers is available on Tuesday nights at the Luther church on Rogers’s road.

The author's comments:
This inspired me because i dont like seeing people unhappy because they are heavy. This might help people get the point and sign up and do Weight Watchers and it does work...I know cause im on it now.

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