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A rough Decision

January 7, 2009
By Anonymous

After the very harsh year of seventh grade it was finally summer time, time to relax and have fun. Well at least for most people.

It had been three weeks into summer then I was off on a plane to go to Florida and visit my dad. My dad moved to Florida around spring time in seventh grade, my mom moved us to Arnold in Maryland. The stress just piled up with not being able to see my dad any more and having to make new friends and being surrounded by different people. It felt like I lost everything, my dad, my friends, my neighborhood that I grew up in, and my cheerleading team that was family to me. It was all gone. I was so stressed and angry and just feeling so many different emotions, It really affected my family, my mom didn’t really understand how hard it was for us.

My siblings and I arrived at the airport I was so excited to get away from everything and just leave all the stress behind for a while. The plane arrived and we said our good byes to mom. I was sad to leave her but so happy to be gone. The plane ride seemed so long. I was so anxious to see the house and it had been 5 months since I saw my Dad! Sitting on the plane next to my brother and sister was definitely no joy ride; two hours seemed like four. As plane got lower to the ground the adrenaline was rushing through my veins I couldn’t wait! We stepped off the plane and instantly realized the weather change. I called my dad and we waited outside for him and my stepmom to come pick us up. I car turned the corner and I knew it was Dad. They pulled up and stepped out of the car I was so happy. It felt amazing be able to hug my Dad and Stepmom again. I had missed them so much.

In the car we had so much catching up to do, the buzzing sound of all three of us yelling stories and talking constantly was really funny. We started to pull into a neighborhood in Boynton Beach. It was so nice and sunny, they gave us a tour of the neighborhood then we pulled in are drive way the house was so cute and tropical. We walked inside and got to see our rooms, I was in love. My dad signed us all up for summer camps since we didn’t know too many people, I did dance camp which was amazing. I learned so much. My sister did surf camp. The two kids me and my sister hung out with the most would have to be Michele and Gianni. They were really nice. We would all go to the community pool with my brother and Gianni’s brother.

Summer was great but it was ending soon. That’s where the hard part came. My step mom confronted me telling me that my sister had chosen to live with them. I started bawling my eyes out. She had been my best friend the whole summer we hung out everyday I didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t long until my brother decided to stay to. I loved my brother and sister and I loved living with my Dad. How were we going to tell mom? She would be crushed. Confronting her on the phone was probably the hardest moment of my life. Hearing her break down was the worst thing ever I felt so horrible. But the decision was made. My Dad enrolled us in school.

Thanksgiving break we went back to Maryland to visit my mom I had missed her so much. It felt good to be home. I overheard my brother talking to my mom about staying with her I was shocked and just so overwhelmed from the last decision we had to make I couldn’t believe it. Next it was my sister and I was in that same situation. I was emotionally wrecked after talking to my Dad. I didn’t hear much from them after that and school in Maryland started again.

This was the hardest decision of my life. I dealt with things way beyond my maturity level and had cried more in three months than my entire life. Maryland was where I belonged and luckily my Dad moved back to Virginia. What happened had definitely made me stronger and living in Florida was really cool. I’m just glad everyone’s back.

The author's comments:
I have grown so much from this experience. it really did change my life.

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