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A World Without Vaping

October 1, 2019
By Kenyon0509 BRONZE, Linden, Pennsylvania
Kenyon0509 BRONZE, Linden, Pennsylvania
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     Imagine a world where teens don’t vape or smoke, a world where we don’t have 800+ teenagers that are hospitalized from vaping, a world where there isn’t 13 and counting deaths from vaping. Most people say it’s either the teens or parents/guardians' fault or they are responsible for the amount of teens vaping, but others disagree. I believe it is the company’s fault. 
                 For the people that say it’s the teens or parents' fault, let me explain why I disagree. In multiple articles, and videos it says, “vaping isn’t regulated...It came in the market as a safe alternative to smoking.”  So, look at it this way by saying it’s a safe alternative to smoking would be a lie. Vaping has chemicals other that nicotine they have led, benzene, tin, nickel, ultrafine particles, and vitamin E acetate. The vitamin E acetate is a Vaseline-like gel that sticks in your lungs, and from there it pretty much drowns your lungs. So vaping is pretty much drowning yourself. 
                 I believe this topic is important since there was 800+ people hospitalized because of repertory illness due to vaping, and 13 and counting deaths in one month. This topic needs to be discussed before more kids die from it. My goal is to encourage people to get people to stop vaping and to get the community to shut down all vaping companies. 

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