Go Green or Go Home

December 20, 2017
By Daelynn.D BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
Daelynn.D BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
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Everything in the world has more than one purpose. This statement can be taken in multiple ways. The way I interpret this statement is that everything in the world can be reused. Things that can be used again are constantly being thrown away which takes up place in our landfills.

In the book Harry Potter, Dudley, Harry's terrible spoiled cousin enjoys throwing his expensive things at the wall when he thinks they are no longer usable when in reality they are perfectly fine and he can use them in other creative ways. Except (for all of the Harry Potter fans) Dudley has no intention of using his brain.  Much less having a sense of creativity.

The movie “Nacho Libre” takes place in a Mexican orphanage where they don't always have extra money to buy cars for their chefs, (a.k.a. Nacho) so Nacho being the creative man he is uses parts from around the orphanage to make himself a car. He also uses items from around the orphanage to create him and Skeleto a wrestling costume. These actions performed by Nacho show that when you have a vision of how you want something to look you may need to reuse things.

My Aunt lives a nearly zero waste lifestyle she buys her food in bulk. She later stores her purchased food in cloth bags that she made from leftover fabric. She recycles everything she can and composts everything she can't recycle. This also causes her to be more creative because she reuses almost everything she can. She uses sustainable fabric to make her clothes rather than supporting companies that produce pollution as they make clothes for everyone

I have always wondered if I would be capable of living a zero waste lifestyle. Living nearly waste free would help our world so much. For one it would limit pollution and sickness regarding air pollution. Also without millions of tons going into our landfills we would limit global warming.

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