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The Real Me

June 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Today there is a problem called harassment and being judgmental and it is taking place in our own schools today. It’s not only a problem in Guilderland, NY; it’s a problem all over the world.

I feel as if in school each day I am judged or harassed because of what I look like or what I have. I also feel as if I get judged because I am a cheerleader. Most people when they know girls who are cheerleaders they think they’re mean popular girls who wear short skirts and do nothing but look pretty, but that’s not how I am at all. I am a normal teenage girl with nothing different than any of you, but I get judged or harassed because of that.

I’m not saying that I’ve never looked at someone and thought something that’s wrong, but before I say

something about it I actually get to know the person before I say it. Like when I see people in school and I don’t know them I look at them and I think things. Sure I think things that will be true or not. But I sure don’t put my opinion out into words for others to hear, I get to know the person before I say something that might effect the person.

People need to realize that judging someone isn’t going to solve your own problems. It’s wrong, it’s mean, and it’s rude to the person that you’re judging. Judging someone and harassing someone is not even giving you a bad reputation but giving the other person one because of the words that come out of your mouth. It’s okay to think your own opinion but don’t tell other people it.

I’m a normal ordinary girl who doesn’t deserve to get harassed neither does anyone else.

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