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The Trash We Live In

February 12, 2009
By Anonymous

The Trash We Live In

Imagine what life will be like years from now. How nice it will to be able to open your front door, step outside, crunch a can or two and smell the delicious garbage. Now that's what I call' 'The life.' I look forward to owning a mound of trash that I can call my own. And I have everyone to thank that lived before me. If people knew what terms such as conservation or recycling meant than I may not be this fortunate now. It's a beautiful world we live in and the smell is always so pleasant.

In previous years there have been numerous campaigns to try to get people to recycle and reuse common household items. Due to what was then referred to as, the arrogant people, nothing was ever successful. I can only be thankful that none of the campaigns ever worked. I don't think I would ever be able to enjoy opening my front door, looking out on a world full of sunshine and trees, and breathing in fresh air. It's just disgusting.

Just the other day I heard on the news that the government was going to put into effect a law that will ban people from recycling any of their garbage. The public response so far has been amazing. It's really about time that they do something about it. It makes me sick to walk down the street and see somebody picking up bottles off the top of a trash mound. They are there for a reason, no one should touch them.

I even heard there is going to be a special segment in the jails to hold them because they can be very dangerous and are capable of things that no man has ever done before. Just to give you an idea'remember September 11? That was them.

I'm constantly hearing about various threats that have been made from them and what the government has done about it. I really feel that the government has done a magnificent job responding to these threats.

Every single day, the world feels dirtier and dirtier, just how it should be. It's incredibly hard to understand how or why anybody would ever want to live in a place that has anything to do with the word clean. I absolutely love the sound of trash crunching beneath my feet, not the sound of walking, silently and hearing nothing but your shoes making contact with the sidewalk.

Again, I would like to commemorate every single person in the United States for what they have done to help this cause. Let the trash roll in!

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