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focusing on environment

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

How can we limit trees cut down? How can we save endangered animals? Those answers are simple. Focusing on wildlife will save our forest.

One way to help our wild life and our forest is limit hunting. If we limit hunting we can save all animals especially endangered animals. More ways you can help animals are we can have a day every month to leave animal food out for the animals, or we can have a clean up party to clean up the forest and animals get into trash and choke on stuff so every month we should have a clean up brigade.

Next we can prevent forest shortage by stopping tree cutters until a season . we should allow tree cutters to cut for 2 months only. If we have to many trees in one spot it can cause a forest fire. That’s how we can keep on focusing on wild life might help our forest.

Next, I would help trees by… if you cut down a tree you have to plant one. For example, if you cut down a tree, and you leave it, goodbye to air we need air if we don’t have air we are dead. If we plant one after we cut one down hello were alive. So make sure you plant a tree after you cut one down.

Now, how do we help animals? We can help animals by, Limiting hunting, making sure no animals are not living in the tree that you want to cut down.

Lastly, I would do that stuff cause …Those are the main problems. If you don’t do all this stuff, start. If you do all this stuff, good for you .

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