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Helping to Keep...US

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Trees Forests help us live, without it we are nothing. To keep us alive we need trees. Trees help us breathe without it we can’t breathe when we can’t breath our hearts will stop and we will die. To maintain our forest health we should let our forests be.
First, I would cut down fewer trees, that way we have some place to live, breathe, and have some food to eat. The reason is that trees help us to live because the take air that you breathe out and like suck it in and give it out to other people so that they have air to breathe. It helps us live so that your yards aren’t so plain. The way that people need them for food is you can take the leaves, wash them, and then eat them in salad or something.

Second, I would cancel the building materials that include wood cause then we would have to cut down and that will KILL our planet which is not good. What we could use instead of wood could be: brick, hay, and rammed earth. For example Hay and rammed earth have insulation. And brick is stronger and durable.

Finally I would make sure that every school in the country had computers and thumb drive things or discs to save things on, and to do your homework. That way we wouldn’t have to waste so much paper. If we made sure that every school in the country had a computer, like a laptop or a regular computer, then that would be a lot of money, so first you would have to raise money for your school. Next you would send the money to me in an envelope with your schools name, city, and state on it. Finally we would bye computers for your school in every classroom. Like Bryce Nelson said people who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people.
There you have it there is your examples to tell you that you can’t live without our forests. Now STOP burning down our trees and read some of our ideas.

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