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Environmental Chores

March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

When someone throws trash out the window of the car in front of you what do you think? You may not care and you may realize that they are really messing up our environment. I use to litter but then I realized, that I should just hang on to it because the next time I stop my car wherever I am that place is bound to have a trash disposal. Every single cigarette, cup, bag are slowly dirtying up our beautiful environment. So the next time when you have a Gatorade that you’re done with, just hold on to it.

There are many ways one person or even a group of people can keep the environment clean. One way to keep our environment clean and even to get money is collecting recycling that you notice on the side of the road or just laying around. This could make you money in just a short while. By doing this little job you could be making hundreds of dollars by just picking up pieces of trash. This little step could help make our environment clean.
Another way to help keep or environment clean is to adopt a highway. The next time you go on a road trip or drive down a highway look for signs that say adopt a highway. If you’re interested in helping keep the environment clean then this may be your answer. You can create an organization that would help you out and your name will appear on that board on the side of that highway. This is very popular across the US and you could be a part of it.
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So if you feel the urge to help clean the environment then look into one of these, and you could make money and be recognized. This is a very important subject in today’s world and we should take it more serious. So try one of these out and just remember you could make a difference.

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