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October 3, 2013
By OakwoodCat GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
OakwoodCat GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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"A man is born in a bamboo cradle and goes away in a bamboo coffin. Everything in between is possible with bamboo!" This is an ancient Asian saying, that shows how popular and useful bamboo is. It is a sign of friendship in India, and it symbolizes fertility in China. One explorer and missionary to China wrote, “A man can sit in a bamboo house under a bamboo roof, on a bamboo chair at a bamboo table, with a bamboo hat on his head and bamboo sandals on his feet. He can at the same time hold in one hand a bamboo bowl, in the other hand bamboo chopsticks and eat bamboo sprouts.” It is extremely useful, good for the environment, and a big part of Asian culture.
In the Dictionary, Bamboo means: The a plant which stem is used for building, poles,and furniture. But really, the plant is much more complex. It is edible, good for the environment, fast-growing, and can be used for many things. The Dictionary states it as a simple plant, but really, it is a huge part of Asian culture, and a big percent of the world’s supplies. This shows that while the dictionary can only scratches the surface of what bamboo actually is, this paper will show you it’s many uses and importance.
Particularly throughout ancient Chinese dynasties, this tree-like grass was a huge part of the culture and traditions of Asia. Bamboo was and still is a common theme in China,having been engraved in jade, or depicted in paintings. Bamboo forests are also known as sacred barriers against evil, and sometimes shrines will be built in the middle of one. Some Asian cultures believe that if it weren't for bamboo, human’s wouldn’t be here. They believe that the first man and woman emerged from a bamboo stem. There are many myths told about shining princesses emerging from bamboo, or beautiful women. It is also the legendary weapon of hero Saint Giong. Bamboo was, and still is, an enormous and important part of Asian culture.

Bamboo is excellent for the environment. First of all, it releases 35% more oxygen than trees, and absorbs four times as much carbon, actively renewing the air. Bamboo has been reported to grow as tall as 39 inches in 24 hours, it is easily renewable, and can be found cheaper and easier. In fact, it is the fastest growing wood plant in the world! More than one million people live in houses made of bamboo. Bamboo is also very nutritious, with very little sugar, but a lot of protein. It is excellent and reusable for the environment.

Bamboo can be used for many different things. It is probably used most as a building material. It is lightweight, stable, and able to withstand extremely heavy weights. The longest bamboo bridge in the world, connects two Cambodian islands. It can be used in Kitchenware too, for cutting boards, or bamboo steamers. Believe it or not, the shoots can be cooked, and eaten by humans, not just pandas! It can be transformed into fabric as well, and made into dresses, blankets, or socks. Motorcycle helmets, bikes, cars, toys, and even medicine! It is such a resourceful plant, and has been used over the centuries for many different things.

Over the centuries, bamboo has started to be used for many different things, and is still a big part of culture in Asia. It is good for the environment, by producing a lot more oxygen and carbon dioxide than other plants. Bamboo is an amazing plant, and will be used forever to do many different things.

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