Purifed in our Faucets

You dash inside, sprinting towards the kitchen because you are tired and exhausted as if you have just run a marathon. Slamming your unsturdy cupboard closed after you grabbed a cup you turn around going towards the faucet as quick as a hiccup. You are currently lifting up your right hand towards the handle. Turning on your faucet, you hear the tap water dripping as slow as a snail into your cup. Without delay, you immediately recall your health lesson yesterday about tap water and without even thinking, you dump out your water. You then ponder about purified water being mandatory to naturally come out of your faucet so people wouldn’t buy so much bottled water. Faucet should have purified water naturally come out because of the health risk of tap water, advantages of purified water, and so our planet can be preserved.

Currently, numerous citizens believe that drinking tap water is not worth the health risk. The question is, what are you actually risking? According to Michael Edwards, chlorine is in our tap water to clean the contaminants. This contaminate is the most dangerous among the other 91 contaminates in our water. Being realistic, chlorine is like bleach which is a toxic chemical. Would you really want to be drinking a toxic chemical? These days, when you look at the ingredients of toothpaste you for the most part will see fluoride somewhere. If you looked at what is in our tap water, you would also see fluoride in it. Christopher Bryson, author of The Fluoride Deception states,” Fluoride is tobacco science.” Although it is needed in toothpaste to cleanse your teeth, you do not swallow it. Various people state that fluoride cleanses your teeth which make it acceptable to be in our water while people like me know that if you take a glance at the back of your toothpaste tube it also states harmful if swallowed. Even if it does cleanse your teeth it is also toxic and not vital since there is toothpaste. Lastly, you always hear the dangers of having drugs or medicines. They beyond doubt are dangerous and may possibly kill you. According to many physicians and pharmacist the standard practice to dispose of drugs is to be directly flushed. “When the sewer water is being decontaminated the city water suppliers do not do a good job of removing drug residue”, states Michael Edwards. This means that drugs that are not meant for your body you could be having. Having drugs or medicines that are not yours may lead to health complications that is life threatening. Nobody obviously can know what drugs could be in the water you are drinking. Although drinking tap water may increase life threatening complications, people still drink it. Without even recognizing it, people are putting in jeopardy more than they could even imagine.

Yes, there is a solution to tap water; purified water. Purified water is being preferred by most citizens because of its advantages. According to the chemistry educator at Duke University, magnesium and calcium is very high in purified water. These two minerals are essential to human life. “It has been shown that deficiencies in magnesium are capable of producing heart disturbances including 215,000 fatal heart attacks in the United States each year.”, states the chemistry educator at Duke. Using this statistic, people use the excuse of not drinking purified water because of the price. Although, If you compare the price of purified water to the price of medical bills and medicines for the reason that you had a heart attack; purified water cost less. Another significant detail is that purified water providers have additional requirements. Having more requirements clearly indicates they are striving for the best and want your approval. Most purified water providers are approved to a great extent. This is because they do not have chlorine or fluoride. Lastly, another reason is they use more decontaminants than a city water supplier which makes the water have a fresh and delightful taste. Let alone the disadvantages of tap water having purified water is a descent solution, with advantages.

So, you’ve heard about how tap water is unworthy and purified water can help lengthen your life span. The reason this plays such a big role in our environment today is because of bottled water. Since bottled water popularity is constantly rising, so is the pollution left from the empty bottles left on our planet. My solution is this; the government changes their system so that purified water naturally comes out of every household’s faucet. If this was done, the 40 million water bottles thrown around on our planet every day could be reduced dramatically. This change would cause the price of water coming from our facets to rise but the destructive impact that water bottles are making on our Earth to decrease. Additionally, occasionally humans are affected by harmful chemicals called plasticizers from polyvinyl chloride. Plasticizers in polycarbonate water bottles have led to cancers, impaired immune function and early onset of obesity, diabetes and hyperactivity. As you see, the water inside the bottle is helpful, but the effects from the bottle can be devastating. That is why my plan, as difficult as would be, would leave an impact that no one ever would have thought possible.
In summary, you never would want to put yourself at risk with your health, which tap water leads to. Since we are always trying to improve our health, we can drink purified water. Lastly, the joy of knowing that you could dash into your kitchen after being tired and exhausted and get a fresh cup of water straight out of the faucet causes great relief. Most of all though, always keep in mind as Gandhi said,” Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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