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Earth in Peril

July 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Have we all gone crazy? Are we all blind? How can we not see what is going on right before our very eyes?

Global warming is a serious issue and we all talk about it as if it was nothing more than something out of a science fiction novel.

Ice is melting, and yet we still drive vehicles with high carbon impacts and refuse to turn off our lights before leaving the house.

Little things is all it takes. Yet we still do nothing. When we will we face the facts that our planet is crashing? When California and Florida are under water and we are all starving?

If the adults refuse to acknoledge the facts, then it is up to us teens. We have to step up to the plate and take the responsibility. It is up to us to save the planet. To save a way of life.

The author's comments:
No one at my school acknoledges global warming, not even my science teachers. It drives me crazy that no one sees what is right in front of them. WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION NOW!

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