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May 5, 2008
By Anonymous


I always had this feeling deep down inside me that I never really did belong. I always felt like an outsider in the human world. I’m forever putting up a shield and blocking in the inner me from shining through. No one has really gotten to know the true me. Once I step outside, I know I truly belong there. I can unlock myself and let me be free. All my shields and protections are cast aside, never to be thought of again, until I am once again inside walls of containment.
When I am out in the wilderness and one with nature I don’t have to put up with worldly lies or humanly troubles. I don’t have to impress anyone. I don’t have to put up with backstabbing friends or nagging parents. The trees, the grass, the meadows, and mountains don’t care what I look like. All they care about is that I respect them and their inhabitants. I get a chance to clear my mind and forget everything else. I get to drop the act and let myself go.
Inside, I feel caged, trapped. I suffocate from lack of sun, air, and freedom. I feel like a pet, my soul purpose in life is to entertain my masters. In my case, my parents. They either have me on a short, tight leash, or jammed, holed up in a kennel. After I take that first step outside the door into the world unknown, I am free.
Nature and I, we go way back. We share a bond and a lifetime of memories. We’ve been seen to together when I’ve been trekking in the snow in Colorado, floating down the river at Pineville, boating at the lake, snorkeling in the ocean, hiking in the woods at my friend’s house, in my dreams, or just in my own back yard. Nature and I have gone on many dates together.
At night, when I lye in bed fast asleep, the Moon throws rocks at my window for me to come join him in the dark night. He takes my hand and drags me out of my dream forsaken world. Sometimes he wants the company, or sometimes he just wants me to enjoy the view. It all depends on the night.
I never stop thinking about outside, nature, and freedom. They even consume my dreams. Late at night, or even during the day, I dream about the woods, and the wolves living within. In my dreams I am fully wolf, mind, body, and soul. I get to run swiftly and soundlessly through the forest. Little fur balls wake me up by licking me to death with their little wet tongues. At night I get to stay up late and howl to the moon. With my pack I take down a full bred buck. I get to defend my title of alpha female from many challengers. During the cold winter days I get to curl up to warm fluffy bodies in our den. Lastly I get to be wild and free forever and ever.
When I am outside I finally feel like I’m home. I know I truly belong. I feel connected to the outside world, nature, and animals alike. It’s very hard to explain what I feel when I take that first step outside, the first step into freedom. Without nature and freedom, I would have no real home. I would have no place to retreat to. My real home is outside, among nature, and everything else out in the wilderness.

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