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Yosemite National Park MAG

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      Snowcapped peaks risingabove the clouds, raging rivers hurdling off rugged precipices, thousand-year-oldtrees trying to touch the sky, pristine mountain meadows full of wonderfulwildflowers protected by alpine lakes, and gigantic granite domes surfaced withprehistoric glacial polish all characterize Yosemite National Park. But there areother sights Yosemite is known for: gargantuan double-decker buses spewingexhaust, thousands of cars clogging the mountain passes, buzzing planes circlingthe deep-blue sky, hoards of sightseers trampling the lush meadows, and pizzaplaces, hamburger stands and convenience stores taking the place of trees, brooksand glacial erratics.

A couple and their three children from Los Angeles,with enough clothes for two weeks and a cooler of munchies, climb into theirChevy Suburban (which gets less than ten miles per gallon) and drive five hoursto Yosemite National Park. The husband, a car salesman, hurries home every nightto eat and watch football on his 50-inch television; the wife works part-time asa secretary and at two o'clock speeds off in a minivan to pick up the kids fromschool. At Yosemite, the parents - believing the trip will be good for the family- drive around the park forcing the children to stare, empty-eyed, at thescenery. All the while, the car vomits vile vapors that permanently stain thegranite cliffs. Two days later the family - little changed - leaves, but theirfumes, filth and footprints forever stay, marring the natural beauty of ahuman-infested wilderness.

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