I Hate The Planet MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

      It's not as if weplan these things. When humans first came along, they didn't know what pollutionwas. They killed to eat and used every part of the animal. Early humans were notwasteful. They didn't copulate for fun. So what happened between now and thenthat has essentially dumbed down the human race?

Today, we buy things wedon't need that take up space on our precious sphere, and we throw the expensivewrappings everywhere and anywhere. We buy exorbitant amounts of food that we letspoil and throw to the birds, and they don't even pick at it with vigor sincethey can smell the rot. Everyone seems to think that copulation is a game today,instead of Russian Roulette. The population grows exponentially every day becausesome turn tricks to live, others do it to be liked, and a few honest ones want afamily. This sickening blight of humanity ....

What is wrong with us?Scientists show us every day the atmosphere-killing effects of the gas-guzzlingcars we buy; they tell us to use protection so we don't get sick or create anunplanned life; time and again, they tell us not to be wasteful with food becausesomeone somewhere could be eating it. We waste and destroy and we plunder and weloot the Earth for all that we have. Hell, we even send junk into outer spacebecause we're running out of room here!

Grow up, humanity. Your fancy carsmean nothing. Your status as CEO of a Fortune 500 company isn't going to get youinto heaven. The size of your house and the amount of natural gas you burn tokeep warm, as well as the electricity expelled to keep you air-conditioned -these things matter not. What does matter is the air you breathe now, the lifeyou live now. You know, the one you take for granted.

Recycle. Growyour own food. Use recycled goods. I don't care what you do to fix your errors, Ijust want my kids to be able to breathe oxygen naturally. I want the trees tosmell fresh, the rain to be alkaline, the sun to shine brightly without turningus into cancer-riddled lumps. I want us to take care of what we have now, notwhat's left when it's too late.

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i love this so much!

CDABC said...
on Apr. 11 2009 at 1:36 pm
CDABC, Old Tappan, New Jersey
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Very, very well-written piece of work. I completely agree with all the points you made - we are definitely abusing the natural gifts the world had given us.

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