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Hybrid Cars

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Hybrid Cars
Looks like a cloudy day! Oh wait that’s just the smog from all the millions of oil absorbing cars crowding the roads and highways. With new technology at hand scientist and others around the world have discovered the harm humans and our inventions are doing to the planet. When the word gas is mentioned almost everyone has some kind of opinion. Never the less, everyone also has some kind of solution. Hybrid cars, a new topic in the news, is one way people believe we can cut down on pollution and the United states thirst for oil. They’re some cons to hybrid cars, but the pros seem to outweigh them.
How ever it is good to see both sides to a situation, or solution. Switching to hybrid cars, causing an increase in coal usage in power plants, is a concerning fact hatching and evolving in everyone mind. Some say it could lead to the same or worse emission problem as oil. That’s like replacing Diet Coke with Zero Coke or Dr. Pepper with Pibb Extra; they are almost the same thing. Though we can test different theories, no one can know exactly what will happen in the future with hybrid cars. Manufactures have switched from using nickel metal batteries to lithium ion batteries. The downside is, like laptop computers, the batteries have overheated and in flamed (Taylor 1). This is potentially dangerous for hybrid cars and their drivers. The batteries would have to be closely watched, which would really a big pain. Another pain for hybrid scientist is the possibility of overusing the electric-delivery system, if hybrid cars were to be mass produced (Taylor 2). This alternative could replace the current problems of pollution and emission. This could also create another problem in the future, NO Electricity Source. The Trail tests have led to surprising results as well.

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