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By Jamie C., E. Northport, NY

     I am passionate about the conservation of wildlife and the environment. I really believe in recycling and conserving energy, as well as wildlife preservation. I just don’t understand how people cannot care about preserving their habitat. Maybe they won’t be around when the earth is destroyed, but their children will be, and they’re the ones who are going to suffer. It’s just not fair for the future to have to suffer for our mistakes.

Our society is not good at recycling and conserving. I know people who throw away recyclable items and leave electronics on longer than necessary. First of all, you should try to reuse items, but if you don’t, then recycle.

Many supermarkets have machines where you can get cash for plastic and glass containers you return, so it really benefits you as well as the environment. Whenever my mom and I go grocery shopping, she brings her own plastic bags to reuse. I used to feel embarrassed, but now I realize that those who don’t reuse their bags are the ones who should be embarrassed.

Now, about conserving energy. Our president doesn’t endorse solar energy or other forms of alternative energy that would conserve resources, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. I’m not saying go out and buy a hybrid car, there are simpler things you can do. For example, if it’s still light out, keep the curtains open and turn off the lights. And if the TV or radio doesn’t need to be on, turn it off!

When someone cuts down a tree in the forest, dozens of animals lose their homes. As a result, the animals who feed off the animals starve and so on and so forth. So is it really worth it for that paper, to sacrifice all those lives? I know, reading this magazine was probably a bird’s home, and it kills me to know that I contributed to cutting down trees [Editor’s Note: Teen Ink is printed on partially recycled paper.]. To conserve paper, you must do two things: try to use both sides of each piece, and try to use recycled paper.

Animals are precious. They bring warmth and joy to our hearts, but let’s face it, many of our most beloved creatures are endangered. My idol, Steve Irwin, once said, “When people love an animal, they want to save it.” So if you go to SeaWorld and meet a dolphin, you want to save that species. I think that is a perfect way to save wildlife. I just wish more people would actually be inspired to make a difference.

Our environment, and the wildlife it supports, is so precious. We must not take it for granted. It’s given us so much and now it’s time for us to give back. Please don’t be afraid to help. Remember, everyone can make a difference!

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