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Changing World

December 7, 2007
By Anonymous

Evolutionarily speaking ten years is a very short amount of time to witness any dramatic changes that can disrupt our daily lives. Yet, we cannot deny the fact that humans are drastically influencing the environment we live in. Unfortunately, these changes are giving rise to extinction events for many living organisms on earth. For example, the beautiful rare white dolphin was declared extinct about a year ago. One of the causes for the extinction of the white dolphin is linked to the extinction of the Caribbean monk in the mid 1950’s, because of hunting and over fishing. Extinction of any living organism has a chain reaction that ultimately affects other organisms that were depended on it. We hear of extinction events almost daily in our lives, but we are unable to grasp the consequences that are going to follow in the years to come. One reason I can think of that makes humans uninterested and unwilling to make any changes in their daily lives to prevent disruption of our ecosystem is that we have a short life span. And unfortunately in this short life span we are not able to witness the terrible overall disruption we are causing to the ecosystem in which our descendants are going to live in.

Organic evolution simply states that all organisms are descended from some prehistoric substance. Organic evolution can influence the quality of my life. In ten years, if organisms are still in the midst of Modern Extinction, minor changes would have to be made in my daily life in order to prevent the quality of my life from decreasing. My understanding of organic evolution influences me to participate in the fight to decrease the disruption levels Homo sapiens are causing to the ecosystem. It is nevertheless a fight that requires the cooperation of many people in order to make way for a destruct free ecosystem. For example, my family and I will join clubs like Sierra that promotes the election of proenvironmental candidates for elected office. My family members, relatives and close friends will be aware of the situation we as an organism on Earth are apart of. For example, until you know the major impact global warming has on you and your loved one’s you will not be willing to participate in the fight to prevent it. Because of global warming, carbon dioxide levels are cooling and shrinking our outermost atmosphere. This being the cause of weather changes that have been taking place on earth. This causes skin cancer and all sorts of other health complications that Homo sapiens will probably not be able to adapt to because of high radiation exposure. This is one of the many examples of how we are artificially forcing organic evolution on earth that is harmful for all life on earth. It is of great importance to know that our choices affect us and or descendants in the years to come. To be able to understand the importance of this chain reaction in life we need to be knowledgeable.

After thoroughly researching other destructive and influential issues, I came to the conclusion that population size can be drastically influenced by having two or more children. The other conclusion I came up with is that if any two individuals have one child the population decreases with descending generations. By having two or more children we experience and exponential growth described to us by Thomas Malthus. Thomas Malthus believed that the number of children two individuals’ bear should be restrained. As the population size of Homo sapiens is increasing by exponential growth our ecosystem is being strained by many factors. One factor that is of greatest risk to our ecosystem is the habitat loss for many organisms presently living on earth. Obviously the earth cannot continue indefinitely to maintain population growth at the current rate. New findings are predicting that if present day trends continue, in less than a century we would reach our carrying capacity. Because of overpopulation we are setting many organisms to extinctions, introducing exotic species to our environment, and polluting our planet. As population size increases exponentially our food supply is not nearly as fast in increasing amount because of its arithmetic growth pattern. Biodiversity is the result of evolution taking place on earth. By over population we are experiencing the need for more space, more resources and ect… This is leading to the disappearance of many forests that are an essential part of the world’s environment, therefore, humanity’s well-being. Unfortunately, over population seems to be continuing trend that is becoming extremely difficult to control.

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