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Animals Need Your Help

April 24, 2010
By hiddenvallyranch BRONZE, New York, New York
hiddenvallyranch BRONZE, New York, New York
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Right now at this very second there are about 7,725 species, Polar bears, Asian Elephants, Giant Pandas, Chimpanzees, Gorilla’s, Rhino’s, Whales and Tiger’s and many more animals are Endangered.

Endangered means dying out very fast, and that’s what is happening to these poor animals at this very moment.

These remarkable creature’s are endangered for many reasons such as people are cutting down trees where some animals live, some people are building homes on top of a creatures home and the people might not even know they animals live there, Some people hunt the animals like the tigers, for their fur, and the alligators to make bags and other things. Some people are even killing these creatures to put them in museums for people to enjoy looking at.

Just take a minute to think about this, for people who belive in god you already probably know this and some who don’t you should know this that God said that everyone should treat every living thing with respect, and right now we are not respecting these animals, we are murdering them, killing them for the fur and skin.

These poor animals need help. And we should step up and help them. There are probably a million things we can do to help these animals, some people might say “Oh I don’t have time to make sure these stupid animals survive what are they to us”? And others may say “Of course we need to help them, they are the ones who are nourishing the dirt, and killing other animals that can harm our Environment”.

Well here are some idea’s you can do to help this problem, you can raise money by having a bake sale and donate all the money you get to a charity for endangered animals. You can clean up after yourself if you throw trash on the ground so that the trash won’t go down the gutter into the ocean so that any kind of fish won’t mistake it as food. This is important try to remember this that all drains lead to the ocean and whatever you throw on the ground will end up in the ocean and kill sea animals and fish. There are a million ideas out there to help these animals. And I know you can come up with the ideas on your own, if you can’t research what you can do to help.

So, please remember that these living creatures of a life just like we do and they need help desperately. So I advise you to get out there and help, that is what I am trying to do at this very second. Also remember Animals power this world, like a battery powers electronics.

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