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No More Cars Eating Our Gas

May 28, 2008
By Anonymous

I believe the use of cars should be limited among us human beings in the world today. A car brings economical problems, safety problems, and health problems to our society. Many people abuse this advantage and ability we have. We being the people for the future either need to change this problem or make a new option available.

The price for gas is almost four dollars a gallon today. We Americans foolishly pay that much to fill our car tank up. Why not use our money for more meaningful things in life? There are people starving in Africa and our country is using all their spare money to meet their accommodations by traveling in a car. Ride a bike for a month and donate your gas money for that month to a charity or your church.

Car’s fuel gas streaming through our air supply can cause cancer and make one very ill. Cars are a main cause for pollution. Delaware is one of the leading cancer states, such a small state for such a big problem. More trees and beautiful plants would be along the roadsides if we limited the use of cars, we would have such more appealing scenery instead of the mufflers and hubcaps we see on I-95.

Car accidents make an abundant amount of deaths in our world. Either drinking was involved or someone just being easily distracted. Someone’s life is taken away for someone’s fault for five seconds or sometimes there is even a shorter amount of time being the cause for an accident to happen.

Without the constant ongoing use of cars people would be home more, spending time with their family or loved ones. Even trips together would be more interactive and fun. With a car sitting in your driveway you have an easy escape away from everything, when really you can just relax and enjoy everything.

If we didn’t use cars and maybe everyone uses bikes maybe our injuries wouldn’t be so severe. Bikes limit the amount of speed you can get, which means less of a harder impact if colliding with another. Bikes also aren’t fueled on gas there fueled on our energy; our peddling while driving the bikes. This is great exercise for us Americans, considering the larger amount of us suffering from obesity. Also the no gas use for the bikes is also wonderful because we are saving money, a great amount of it too for our economy.

There are many alternatives as to how to eliminate the use of cars. Fuel Cells, cars running on water, Hybrids, and many more options have been brought up. You can help these new discoveries come alive by either purchasing a hybrid or making a donation to the fuel cell research. We have the capability to change our world today, even these bad habits. Cars are not worth all the economical, safety, and health issues it brings upon us. Try something new… go a day without your car!

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