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Rain Dance

October 3, 2009
By Love_Kills_the_Blind PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
Love_Kills_the_Blind PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
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It starts out as soft pitter patters on my rooftop. Gradually it picks up speed and momentum to become a full storm. I can resist no longer. The rain calls my name seductively so that I must answer. Stepping out into the rough of the storm makes me feel weightless. The tiny drops kiss at my bare skin cleansing my soul. Each drop is like a little angel falling to the earth.
A burst of light explodes out of the corner of my eye. I turn to catch it’s powerful beauty but it alludes me. The next one I am fortunate enough to glimpse. It’s vein of blue energy surges through me.
Soon after the clouds release a mighty roar rupturing me to the core. I can feel the commanding song ring in my chest even after it leaves. It vibrates through every part of my being chasing away the troubles if only for an instant. I close my eyes to enjoy the bliss and ecstasy running through my veins.
Everything seems brighter, cleaner with the water gently sliding down its spine. I am lost in the rain now, body and soul. Hopelessly cocooned in its purity as the drops send shots of delight up my back. I feel the cold serenity of every little drop as it caresses my skin. Goosebumps rise in the coldness but I pay no mind. If I listen really hard I can hear all the heart beats of everything. A small rabbit seeking shelter under a bush, small birds as they wait for their mother to return, and my own avid heartbeat, we all merge as one immense heart beating as one as nature intended.
A strange feeling swept over me. This primal urge took over shunning my self-consciousness. I thrust my arms up to the air and began to dance around in a circle. My head swung back and forth shooting up and down. Hair flew across my face in wet heaps and my feet tapped at the pavement for seconds at a time before returning to the air. Another flash of lightning drove me farther into my daze. The thunder that came next sent chills over my body.
I opened my eyes to see three soaking figures dancing wildly with me. The first, to my left, was a woman with white hair with bright blue streaks shooting through it. Her face was young and pale with electric blue eyes. She had on a white gown with bright blue electricity flashing over it’s long and flowing shape. It accented her graceful moves.
To my right was a man with a stern face and ink black hair. He had no shirt on revealing his muscled chest. His pants were baggy and loose made out of black silk. He opened his eyes briefly and I saw their raw power in their dark brown.
The third person looked neither male nor female. Its hair was a collection of wild plants encircling them as they twisted their neck side to side. It wore a gown of furs of all kinds of animals; rabbit, bear, buffalo, mountain lion. Even more interesting was part of the dress was golden fire never burning the skins. I looked down and notice that it’s feet mud where dirt had it had not been. Everything. It’s eyes opened fixed on me. I almost froze transfixed with the eyes it had. The pixels in them were each a different unique color. Blues, purples, red that I’ve never seen nor imagined before were shown in this things eyes. It was magnificent like a dream only enhanced. I felt the world melt around me. All I could see was the four of us dancing amongst each other carless of all else. It filled me with something no human has found a word for.
I dropped the complicated emotion from my mind into my heart. Emerging into pure being I danced faster and wilder with Lightning, Thunder, and Nature.

The author's comments:
When the rain calls dont ignore it. Go dance infront of your house even if people see you.

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Pati said...
on Dec. 17 2009 at 3:22 pm
I love the way you express the sensations and the shift from physical senses to heart space and oneness with nature. Your words evoke sensations in the reader, allowing me to be in the moment with you. Great writing!

on Oct. 27 2009 at 8:42 pm
FlyleafFreak DIAMOND, Loveland, Colorado
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i can so agree with you on all of this. As a fellow "Lovelandite," which one of us doesn't like to dance in the rain. You captured every essence of dancing in the rain. Beautifully written, tremendous job, never stop writing. :)