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Moneymaker Global Warming

May 14, 2009
By ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
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The Earth is warming up into oblivion! YIKES! Wait! Hold up! Is this really happening? Or is this popular, world-wide statement only proclaimed for propaganda and money?
Many people would say “Yes. The world is heating up dramatically and is affecting the world to where it could lead to oblivion! This is horrible! We must stop it before we destroy the Earth!” Now, maybe people are not as overly dramatic as like the quote above but they still think that the present global warming is going to lead to “the destruction of the Earth”, but in reality…the Earth is just fine. Furthermore, many supporters of the global warming theory (which states that CO2 is causing the present problem of global warming and that if the world doesn’t stop their CO2 emissions, then the world will go into oblivion) uses the past climate history as one of their resources for evidence. However, there are two things in their evidence/graph that contradicts their theories/reasons.
One contradiction is historical events. There were many places/events where the Earth “dramatically” changed in its climate. Some examples of these would be “The Little Ice Age”, “The Medieval Warm Period”, and “The Holocene Maxium”. These three events, all, involved some type of a “the world will be destroyed” phenomenon just like today. The Earth is just going through a new, natural climate change just like it did in the past. As so, the Earth is always changing, either it be in the climate/weather, ecosystems, or the history of humanity.
The second contradiction in the evidence of the global warming theorists is the graph itself. Some scientists, whom opposed the global warming theory, studied the global warming theorists’ graph. They found that the temperature rates actually lead the CO2 rates, instead of the flip side of the CO2 rates leading the temperature rates, which the global warming theorists support. Furthermore, the scientists also found that the temperature cooled down during the historical, post-second world war “economic boom”; where the first man-made CO2 emissions entered the atmosphere. This proves that CO2 is not the cause of global warming and therefore, the present global warming is not being caused by human impact/CO2 emissions.

Then, why are the climate science organizations, like the IPPC, not telling the truth? One word: money. These organizations are no longer scientific organizations. They are industries. They use the global warming theory as their “moneymaker.”
For example: if a worldwide emergency/problem was at present, the government would fund money to a specific group(s) to fix the problem/threat. This system, or way, is what the climate science “industries” are taken advantage of. The government gives money to the climate science organizations to do experimentation so they can figure out a solution to the global warming problem when there really isn’t one. Anyways, the only reason why people believe the global warming theorists is because their theories are proclaimed on media resources such as television news or Internet resources, and since it’s proclaimed through the media, it’s truth as people think that media information is always factual.

The scientists, whom are against the global warming theory, have their own explanation for the present climate change. They theorize that the climate change is being controlled by the sun. To test this theory, these scientists began to forecast weather by counting the total of sunspots on the sun. However, the forecasting predictions, by this technique, cannot be said to be in perfection (as no predictions are prefect) but however, whenever the scientists forecasted by the “sunspot technique”, they seemed closer than the regular technique of forecasting on what actually happened in the weather on the forecasted day.

In conclusion, the global warming theory is not a threat to the world-wide society but instead, it is a statement of propaganda to gain money for “industries” like the IPPC. In addition, the global warming theorists contradict themselves with their graph evidence because of past historical events, such as “The Little Ice Age”, and the graph itself as it shows the temperature rates leading the CO2 rates instead of the CO2 rates leading the temperature rates, which the global warming theorists support. Scientists, whom oppose the global warming theory, believe that the sun controls the Earth’s climate/weather and therefore, controls the global warming change. As so, the present global warming is not caused by human impact/CO2 emissions. The Earth is just going through a new, natural climate change and therefore, the Earth is not going to be “destroyed” because of global warming/climate change.

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511 said...
on Jul. 4 2009 at 12:16 am
Everyone now acknowledges that global warming is happening. That's no longer the issue. The current argument is about human involvement in global warming- whether or not our activities since the Industrial Revolution are part of what's causing climate change.