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Bind Together: Transgender help

May 28, 2016
By Tylersaysrawr GOLD, Lyons, New York
Tylersaysrawr GOLD, Lyons, New York
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To make the world a better place, you have to take it one step at a time. To begin, I am going to make baby steps, yet make a large leap for a minority. My project is to help out Transgenders around new york, and hopefully, sooner or later, the country or even the world.

Right now, Transgenders are one of the most discriminated against minorities, especially considered the recent Bathroom debate and the Bruce Jenner thing going around a couple years ago. I had done some research, and there aren’t a lot of people out there trying to help this cause.

What’s the problem though? So what, you may say, they are only discriminated against, that’s all. How do we help then? Well, little do you know they have a lot more to go through. According to Washington Post, Transgenders are 4 times as likely to go through poverty. Why though? Why does being Trans affect their wealth? Believe it or not, a lot of employers won’t hire them, and it’s not even their fault. For example, if a workplace has a Transgender worker, and the employee makes a bad impression, it will be hard for the workplace to hire another one because of reputation. And it doesn’t help them if they already have the job, because in 55% of America’s states have not outlawed the ability to fire someone because of gender identity. Not to mention, it’s hard keeping a job when you don’t feel safe. Surveys show, 90% of Transgenders are harassed while on the job.

“They can love my resume, but when i show up at their doors, and say ‘okay here I am’, then all of the sudden I’m not good enough,” says Rebecca Juro, a trans women. She says when they hear her voice and know she’s not really female, they are unaccepting. CNN says if you are transgender, start a business before coming out or wait until after you retire. This means they expect people to live their lives hating themselves, just so they can get or keep a job.

So, the point is, transgender people have it hard. Not to mention the expenses of things to help them with a transition. For female to males, to begin a transition, many people get a binder. On average, a binder costs about $10 for a cheap one, and around $60 for an actually good binder. For people who can’t even get a job for who they are, that’s expensive. Male to female sex change costs anywhere between $7,000 and $24,000. Female to male, on the other hand, is $50,000.

Because these things are so expensive, my Bind Together project is to help raise money to help people in need. Of course background checks need to be done and such, but people really need help. I’m thinking we are going to need to build up a community, start a Gofundme to raise up money, and throw lots of fundraisers together.

This will also be a community for people to go to for support, whether you are trans, know someone, or are not sure. 

So who’s with me? Changing the world one minority at a time <3

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This is something im really passionate about. There is a facebook page and we are looking for new admins all the time, so message the page if interested. I really want to make a difference, and i turns out there arent already alot of things like this out there. Just remember, no matter what, everyone is loved and everyone deserves a chance.

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