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Community Service

March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Community Service

My life does not revolve around community service, but I cannot say I have not volunteered in some way. Admittedly, I usually do community service my parents made me, however, I feel like a better person for doing it ultimately. I also know that many people volunteer themselves much more than I do, so I know that helping, as infrequently as I do, should not make me feel like I saint.

One time in particular that I remember, probably because it was from seven in the morning, on a Saturday, until seven at night, was when I went to an old house just outside of downtown Kansas City, to help an old lady clean up and renovate her house. I went along with some friends and some parents from my church. When we got there, we had no idea what was in store for us. It was a moment when you say to yourself, “how bad could it be?” Then you see it and you know it’s about as worse as it can get.

I didn’t know how bad it was because at first I was outside mowing the lawn and playing with their blood covered, dirty dogs. After a while, some adults started bringing out wooden, kitchen cabinets that were engraved with forty years of stains I do not wish to know the contents of. When it takes longer to scrape the grease off of one kitchen cabinet, than it does to mow the lawn, you know you have a problem. The rest of the day consisted of removing random stains it seemed. In the end, everyone broke a sweat and we all felt like better people, atleast for a day.
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JK1993 said...
on Aug. 14 2008 at 8:56 pm
Wow. Why write a community service article if you admitt you're not one who enjoys it? That's really a shame your not, because most people get extreme joy from helping others.