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By Anonymous

   The day it started was the day I had to switch schools. I was in my senior year and I was afraid of the changes that might take place, but I held my head high and went through with it. There were many other changes in that one month, including starting a new school, moving into a new home, and volunteering at Woman and Infants' Hospital. I was so petrified of all the changes in my life. I thought I would never be able to fit in anywhere, but everything started to fall into place.

Through volunteering I started to gain more confidence. The people there made me realize that starting life in a new setting should not be thought of as a misfortune but as a experience to meet new people and learn new things. I do basic clerical work,including data entry, filing and photocopying. And I love it! Many people say to me, "How can you enjoy it so much if you receive no money at the end of the week? Where is the gratification?" But the truth of the matter is the feeling of helping someone done what needs to be accomplished is gratification in itself.

Now I am at the end of my senior year and unfortunately I will have to stop volunteering to work full time after graduation. I hope I will be able to succeed further at the hospital. Through all this I have learned two very important things that will stay with me all my life: first, not only is volunteering a chance to help out others, but it is also a chance to succeed in the future. fl

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