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The Shelter MAG

By Anonymous

   I've been to a place

where "middle class"

is said in longing

Where my left-over garbage

is somebody's life line.

A toothless woman


and eats her instant pudding.

A single


tear falls off my nose.

A lonely man eats an egg salad sandwich

and looks around


I hear him thinking,

"Why me, why am I here?"

I feel his desperation

as he angrily pushes the remaining food away.

I look at myself and cringe,

my jeans are far too new,

my shirt far too clean,

my life far too perfect.

I gaze at the man who shouldn't be there,

and thank God it's not me.

And, at the same time,

I wish

with all my heart

and soul

that we could change places.

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i love this so much!