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At the start of my senior year

March 28, 2008
By Anonymous

At the start of my senior year I decided to take on a new challenge in my life. I decided to be a peer tutor for autistic kids at my high school. I got paired up with I guy named Henry and he changed the way I act and think dramatically. At first I did it just to fill up an hour of the day but after a few weeks I was into it. Henry has a variety of problem ranging from depression to diabetes. I tutored him during his gym hour so he had to get exercise for his blood sugar levels to stay normal. Henry was not a fan of gym class in any way shape or form. After a few days though I got him to shoot some hoops with me and even convinced him to go up to kick during kickball. These accomplishments seem petty to most but making a free throw or getting on base is a monumental step up for his self confidence. The experiences I had in that time will stay with me forever and it has changed the way I think and act.

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