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By Anonymous

     Coaching an under-six soccer team has allowed meto play a huge role in the lives of young boys and girls. The AmericanYouth Soccer Organization has been part of my life since I was veryyoung. When I heard the team was not going to be able to play because ofa lack of coaches, I was more than happy to step up. This was a veryvaluable learning experience for both me and my team. I taught them andtheir parents the rules of the game, showing them the proper way to kicka ball, dress for a game and care for equipment. They learned a lot notonly about how the game is played, but also the value ofsportsmanship.

I tried to make sure learning soccer wasboth fun and rewarding. Some coaches in the league, even in the youngerage groups, yelled at their players too much. My team just had fun. Itdidn't matter if we won or lost, just as long as we tried our hardestand had a great time. We had ice cream and pizza parties after the gamesjust to let the kids know they'd done a great job. This experienceallowed me to look back on the days when I was a young player. It mademe realize the hard work and dedication coaches and parents must have togive kids the best time possible playing a sport that is, above allelse, fun.

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