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Sunday SABAH Stars MAG

By Anonymous

     As I finish tying the brownfigure skates on my little star, Zoe, I look into her eyes and see the joy shegets from our weekly skating sessions with SABAH, the Skating Association for theBlind and Handicapped. In this crowded locker room, I am surrounded by a purelove for life.

Every Sunday morning, my dad, my sister, Midori, and I headto our local ice arena to volunteer for this organization that introduces figureskating into the lives of blind and handicapped people. Each volunteer is pairedwith a child, a "star," with whom he or she works each week andperforms with in our huge end-of-the-year show. Some of the stars are unable towalk, while others have improved tremendously and can skate backward as well asforward. In the stands are their smiling parents, tissues in their glove-coveredhands and tears of joy in their eyes.

Through my experiences with Zoe, Ihave learned that life is a lot more than how many medals and trophies you win.It is about happiness, love, who you are inside and how you live your life. Tothe stars, life isn't about sporting name-brand clothes or being the most popularkid in school. Simple things, such as pushing across the ice for the first timeor getting a hug and a high-five, are what make these kids smile. It is theirlove and joy that have helped me grow and realize the true happiness of beingalive.

And happy I am, with a burning passion for figure skating as well.I recently traveled to Europe for an international competition and am ranked inthe top 100 at my level in the world. Figure skating has allowed me to experiencemany cultures and develop lifelong skills. With SABAH, I am able to give toothers some of what figure skating has given me.

I am pulled back toreality when Zoe tugs my hand, hurrying to be first on the ice. Her sweet smilesfill me with warmth as I prepare to share what I love with her and the rest ofthe family known as SABAH. We step onto the sparkling ice and wonder whatmiracles will come our way today.

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