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A Helping Hand

April 13, 2008
By Anonymous

“Whoa! Look at that over there!”
“Is that a bicycle wheel?”
“I believe it is.”
Garbage, litter, waste product, it was all there, under the bridge across from Borchardt Elementary in Plano, and let me tell you something : It stunk.
We had been there for about an hour, cleaning out the river and the tall weeds that surrounded it.
Grocery bags, takeout boxes, plant manure bags, beer cans; they were everywhere, dispersed thoroughly around the premises.
“Whoever lives around here sure likes Taco Bell.” My friend Patty mumbled, throwing a pile of Taco Bell cups into a big black trash bag.
“And littering.” I piped up.
“Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people would just pick up their trash?” She questioned, bending over to pick up a Capri Sun juice pouch.
“Probably, and a cleaner one as well.” I replied.
When my mom first told me that my brother’s boy scout troop was going to clean up around Borchardt, I immediately said I wanted to go, but not because I wanted to help out the environment.
I had had an NJHS meeting that morning, and they were talking about how we needed hours of community service in our log, so of course I was going to go!
What I didn’t realize about community service though, is that It’s really soul cleansing. You make friends, help the environment, and create memories to share for years to come.
I think everyone should get a chance to help out with the environment, because it’s really fun. I think stepping up to help out and doing the jobs people refuse to do on account of being lazy, is very rewarding in the end.
And I think, if everyone helps out just a little, we could change the world forever.

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