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Do Good for You and Others

December 3, 2007
By Shychey BRONZE, Yorba Linda, California
Shychey BRONZE, Yorba Linda, California
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I save lives every week by volunteering at Cats in Need. I take care of cats and help them find good owners. Without people like me to help, these cats would be euphonized. I take great pride in knowing I save an animal from conditions that are almost too horrible to see. These cats are abandoned because of their abnormalities or are strays. I just want everyone to know the feeling I have when I’m helping others. That is why I propose that everyone should do at least an hour of community service per week.

Helping others will help the community come together as one. Bringing us closer together will make the community a lot better place. Adults and children will come to the needs of others and we’ll kind of become like a big family. If the community is happy then we will be a lot happier too because we are in a nicer environment.

Not only will community service help others but it will help you. As I’ve stated above helping others will give you a sense of pride and purpose in yourself. Teenagers tend to get caught up in petty problems. Community service teaches you that there are people a lot worse of than you; it helps you put your dilemmas into perspective. Knowing that you are putting someone else’s problems ahead of yourself gives you pride in yourself. Also, knowing that you are making people’s lives better gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach that tells you, you are doing the right thing.

Through community service you learn a lot. Take me as an example; I’ve grown up a lot since starting community service. I can’t stress enough that this will change your life. You’ll not only be helping others you’ll be helping yourself! So if you want to broaden your horizons go help out a cause in need.

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