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Sunday School

October 1, 2009
By lbuxkemper BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
lbuxkemper BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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Prompt: Evaluate a significant experience or achievement that has had special meaning to you in your past volunteer work.
Sundsay school
When I was a freshman in high school I began taking classes for conformation. Part of these classes was required by the conformation teachers for us to have 40 hours of community service. For my community service I taught Sunday school to the younger kids.

Teaching those kids was challenging at first because the kids were really quiet and I was really quiet but by the end of the year, that had all changed. I felt like I really had an affect on those kids. In the beginning of the year it seemed like those kids did not really want to be there but by the end of the year Sunday school is what all those kids looked forward to.
I tried to do a lot of fun activities so they wouldn’t get bored and have fun learning. One Sunday I remember in particular was right before Christmas. It was really cold outside and snowing but all the kids managed to show up so I thought we would do something fun. We decorated candy canes for them to give to their families. The kids really seemed to enjoy this as they always did when we made things.

Those kids learned so much about their faith and religion. Some parents and teachers gave me compliments about how good of a teacher I was. I was so proud of myself because I could not believe I made such a difference in lives of so many young people. I think I had a great impact on those kids life because I helped them learn about God. In teaching them I learned more about God myself.

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