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Roasting Flies with Frogs

August 15, 2014
By Lunar-Lupin BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lunar-Lupin BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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1 Star Bellied Frog
2 Star Bellied Frog
3 Star Bellied Frog
1 Plain Bellied Frog
2 Plain Bellied Frog
3 Plain Bellied Frog
William (Wilma) the Wily Wizard

Setting: Star Bellied Frogs are leaping around on lily pads.
1 SBF: We’re the star belly frogs; we have stars upon ours.
2 SBF: Those over there have none upon thars.
3 SBF: We’re the best and they…well they’re the rest.
1 SBF: And we stick with our own!
2 SBF: We’re so good we should have a celebration.
3 SBF: Let’s have a cookout.
2 SBF: That would be fun.
1 SBF: Do we have any flies to roast?
2 SBF: I’m going to go ask those frogs over there if they have any flies.
3 SBF: Absolutely not, I forbid it!!
2 SBF: Why?
3 SBF: Because they are plain belly frogs, isn’t it obvious? We do not associate with them!
1 SBF: Let’s go eat!
Plain Belly frogs are on other side of the stage with a picnic basket/bucket.

1 PBF: Those frogs over there are roasting flies. Can we go eat with them?
2 PBF: Nope. We aren’t star bellied.
1 PBF: Who cares?!
3 PBF: They do. I asked to eat with them before and they said “no”. I wish I had a star on my belly.
1 PBF: It isn’t nice to be left out of all the fun and games.
3 PBF: Yeah, especially when they’re roasting flies. Yum.
2 PBF: Sure, all of us frogs like roasted flies but they’re different from us.
1 PBF: Really? I think we are a family!
William the Wily Wizard comes in to the PBFs while the SBFs party off the stage.
W: Hello my friends, I am William the Wily Wizard and I have heard of your problems. I’ve heard you’re unhappy. But I can fix that! I’ve come here to help you. (He brings out a machine or motions to the side of the stage) But you better come quickly; this machine only has a certain amount of juice!
All plain-bellied frogs go through the machine and get stars! The other frogs enter and are surprised.
1 PBF: Hey, you guys, we’re exactly like you!
2 PBF: You can’t tell us apart!
3 PBF: We’re all the same, you meanies; one big family now!
2 PBF: Now we can go to your cookouts!
1 PBF: In fact, we are better than you because our stars are new!
2 PBF: And yours are old and dull colored.
3 PBF: Ours are bright and shiny!
1 SBF: Oh Dear!
2 SBF: We know we are still the best and they are the worst.
3 SBF: But now I can’t tell them apart from us.
W: Ah, here is the best part my friends. All you have to do to get plain bellies, so you look different from them, is to go through the machine backwards!
1 SBF: Ah! We’ll know who is who!
2 SBF: Now there isn’t a doubt.
3 SBF: The best kind of frogs are the frogs without!
Frogs have a montage of going through the machine. The machine then makes a noise and the frogs stop. Some of the frogs are starred and some are plain.
W: Looks like the machine is out of juice. I guess that’s it for the switching. Bye. (Wizard exits)
1 PBF: Who is who now?
1 SBF: We are still the best. You guys tried to copy us.
2 SBF: That proves that we are the best!
3 PBF: We are a family of loyal frogs!
2 PBF: But you all then switched to being plain bellied. That makes us the best!
3 SBF: And us plain-bellied frogs stick together through thick and thin!
1 SBF: Oh yeah?
All frogs: Why would we want to be like you any way?
W: Since you are all so unhappy and didn’t get the meaning of my lesson, I will change you back! bippid bopidy bo!
all frogs change back and now there is a mix of plain and star-bellied on both sides.
1 PBF: Look at this!
1 SBF: We are all back to normal!
2 PBF:(to 2 SBF) You look pretty good.
2 SBF: And you do, too. I like having a star but I can see it’s fun not having one, also.
3 PBF: Yep. I like being me, just the way I am.
3 SBF: But what about all of us? Can we just be friends?
All: yeah!
1 SBF: Well since us star bellies stick with family through thick and thin,
1 PBF: and us plain bellies never give up on our own…
All: of course we can all be friends!

The author's comments:
I wrote this short one act about bullying based on the Dr. Seuss story The Snitches. I helped put on a play with children about bullying and led a few workshops with them about what bullying is and how it should be dealt with. I hope to continue my project through the people that read this script and by giving presentations using a video I took of the play. If you wish to use this script for educational purposes with other children, feel free to do so, just give me some credit.

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