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March 29, 2014
By Erinkb99 BRONZE, Lake Worth, Florida
Erinkb99 BRONZE, Lake Worth, Florida
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Dear Reader;

Violence is “an unjust or unwarranted exertion of force or power, as against rights or laws,” according to According to Merriam-Webster, violence is “intense, turbulent, or furious and often destructive action or force”. There are many different ways to describe violence, though it is one of those topics that are hard to wrap your head around. Talk to me now; according to you, what is it? Have you experienced it?
I am one of the lucky people whom haven’t had much hostility in life. But, I have seen and hear of school fights, as well as shootings. School fights are always completely pointless. I once witnessed a fight that broke out because one girl looked at another “funny”. Things like this make me afraid to do anything. What if I one day look at someone and they decide that I gave them a “funny look”? People get picked on if they are shy and insecure, as well as if they are confident and outgoing. School fights are not the only form of violence that looms over us. There are plenty of rapists, murders, and torturers literally killing to get their hands on a thirteen year-old girl. Stories about hostile acts make me wary to trust strangers and remind me to be wise and watchful. Though I have not been a victim of any violent acts, my life has been affected by them. Brutality and violence makes me afraid, and helps me remain cautious and vigilant.
Reader, I hope you do remember when I earlier addressed school shootings and school fights, because these are both forms of youth violence. I believe that media, bullying, and domestic problems are key causes of antagonistic acts among today’s adolescences.
TV and movies show people killing others as if it is nothing. Videogames make assassination a game; kill more, get rewarded more. These games and shows are not to blame though, it is the people that take fiction, into reality and wind up with piles of dead and wounded people at their feet.
Also, bullying can turn a cool-headed person into a raging bull. Many people that have been bullied have committed suicide, cut themselves, or gotten into drugs/alcohol. These are acts of self-harm, but push far enough; bully victims may try literally eliminating their problems…
Problems at home can too be causes of youth violence. If a parent abuses their child, the child will become angry and insecure. They may take their anger out on a person (or people) at school, in the form of bullying, or challenging them to a fight, or, perhaps bring a gun to school.
There is no way to stamp out violence in youth 100%, but it’s better to get rid of most of it. The way to stop a weed from growing is to pull it out from the roots. Like a weed, we must stop it by taking youth violence out by the roots. We must have parents monitor what their child play and watch as well as how much they watch. Also, we need schools taking a firmer stance against bullying. I have known people that have gone to their school for help with bullies and are still bullied. There must also be more effective means for punishing cruelty against one another. Lastly and most importantly there has to be a place or people that the bully victims or child abuse victims can air out hurt feelings and frustrations. Bottling up emotions can be very dangerous. People need to feel safe and mediators can prevent lots of future conflict and violence.
What’s my definition of violence? Violence is a looming threat in which an unjust, cruel force is acted upon. Beloved reader, what’s yours?

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