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Stamp Out Bullying

September 4, 2013
By MyDorkyHeart SILVER, Halfway, Missouri
MyDorkyHeart SILVER, Halfway, Missouri
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Names. That’s all she heard all day. Names that aren’t her own, names that shouldn’t be anyone’s. Vile, vicious, and devastating. Crushing even.
It’s sad that a human’s heart can be altered so much by the hands of another. A single word carries so much pain. Words can twist your heart and mind, leading you down dangerous roads where no one will help you. Darkness surrounds you, eating you whole, and you believe you are alone. You believe no one is there to help you. You believe there’s nothing worth anything anymore.
I’m the oldest of four sisters. I’ve slain my demons and moved on from the bullied life, but my younger sister isn’t that lucky. Last year she was in 6th grade and she was walked on a lot. She was VERY shy so that didn’t help her situation at all. She also lets people walk all over her. She cared, but she didn’t want to stand up for herself. For a long time she endured the teasing her classmates threw at her, but I knew something was wrong. She always denied it, but I could see that something was bothering her.
One day my sister came home crying. It’s very rare for her to cry; she usually keeps everything bottled up inside. She just couldn’t take the tormenting anymore. I gave her advice, but she still didn’t want to tell our parents. This went on for a few months until a day when I was pushed over the edge. One of her classmates had chased her down the hallway, brandishing a hot glue gun. People had pinched and punched her all day long, giving her bruises as proof. She had been having sadistic thoughts and I knew that this had to stop. So, against my sister’s will, I told my parents what had been going on. They called the school and everything was settled in a matter of days. The kids who teased her are now her best friends. She occasionally say they are annoying, but isn’t that how friends are? So annoying you love them?
So the point of this is to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tell an adult when something like this is going on. You aren’t alone! There are people who will help you! Please, help stamp out bullying by reporting any bullying you see. It’s very wrong and it’s NEVER funny. Don’t be a bystander either. If you see something going on that’s wrong, tell an adult. It could save a life. I’m very thankful I still have my sis. I don’t know what I would do if something would’ve happened.

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Let's stamp out Bullying together.

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