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You Could Be Pretty

May 23, 2013
By OhSweetCatastrophe SILVER, Birmingham, Alabama
OhSweetCatastrophe SILVER, Birmingham, Alabama
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"Do you always dress like that? Ya know, a raggedy jacket and long sleeves?" asked the half dressed brunette with one brow raised. "She has to keep those bruises covered somehow, doesn't she?" a friend of hers replied. They all burst into laughter right in front of my eyes. Who were these girls? Why were they talking to me? "Yeah, you`d think that she`d have some scissors to cut off that long, waterfall of ugly hair!" they all giggled and continued to push each other playfully.
"Why are you even over here?" I asked as I made eye contact with each of them. The bunch became silent and one of the girls spoke up, "We just thought that you looked lonely is all. You sit alone and we just became concerned. We want to help you. You could be pretty if you tried, you know." I suddenly questioned them, "Then why are you insulting me like-" I was cut off when she said, "It was a joke! Gees, don't be so serious." I stood up and rolled my eyes, leaving the air heads behind at the table, knowing that they would try to pull the same stunt later on.
I went all day thinking about what they said.."you could be pretty".. I kept repeating it in my head. I headed to the bathroom before my next class because those girls were going to be in my class also. I looked closely in the mirror. My pupils were dilated like an animal in fear, running for its life. I adjusted my clothing and zipped up my "raggedy" jacket. I combed my "ugly" hair with my fingers and pulled it up into a high ponytail. With one final glance at my reflection, I walked out and headed to my next class.
There they were, sitting right behind my seat. I waled in the opposite direction, but I was stopped my my teacher, who told me to my seat. As I sat down, a few minutes passed by and nothing was happening. It was kind of peaceful, actually. A few giggles here and there, but i was able to relax and slide down in my seat a bit instead of being so stiff.
We were writing an English paper when I dropped my pencil onto the floor. As I went to retrieve it, i discovered hair-a big "ugly", blond pile of it too. My ponytail swept across my cheek and I had come to find that those girls behind me cut it off! I quickly stood up. Heads were drawn to my attention, and as I looked behind me, the girls were trying to cover their smirks with their hands. My teacher asked what was wrong and I quickly walked out of the room, leaving my stuff behind.
Today, I am now home schooled and haven't set foot on school property since. Ive lost all contact with my friends, due to moving and don't even leave my house. I keep myself isolated now from everyone, including my family. Yes, I'm seeing a therapist, but its not doing any good for me.
Those words, "You could be pretty", still haunt me and send dread through my body. To those girls, since you're so "concerned" about me, you could keep your thoughts to yourself. You could take peoples feelings into consideration. I'm not looking for an apology, just suggesting that you could think before you speak.

The author's comments:
Everyones entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't always mean that you should share it.

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on May. 28 2013 at 10:43 pm
OhSweetCatastrophe SILVER, Birmingham, Alabama
8 articles 23 photos 16 comments
Thank you. (:

on May. 28 2013 at 10:43 pm
OhSweetCatastrophe SILVER, Birmingham, Alabama
8 articles 23 photos 16 comments
It was a past experiance, actually.  Thanks a lot though. (:

sarah98 BRONZE said...
on May. 28 2013 at 5:20 pm
sarah98 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
It is better to write for yourself and have no audience than write for your audience and have no self.

this was really well written, and im sorry for what happened to you.  :(

on May. 27 2013 at 4:52 pm
TaylorWintry DIAMOND, Carrollton, Texas
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"Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby." - Unknown

So chilling! I can sense that you have some emotion stored up inside from, maybe, a past experience...? Anyway, this is really powerful. I mean, I read this and felt (almost) guilty of some things I've said or done that I haven't meant. You make me want to go out there and save, inspire, help. You make me want to do something about bullying. Very well-written. I enjoyed this.