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May 31, 2019
By Anonymous


I was slowly walking across the classroom to my seat. Then I hear my name called behind me. As I turn around I remember being pushed to the ground. It felt like I had been falling for hours. Then I hear laughter. Loud obnoxious laughter. They scream at me “FOUR EYES!” as they throw my glasses across the room. They walk away laughing as I’m sitting on the floor trying not to cry. Treat other the best way possible.

Kids who are getting bullied are getting depression. Bullying should not be happening in school. Teachers should make it stop and start being aware that it is happening. Parent’s think that bullying in schools is just “a part of school” which is not true! Bullying will cause more school shootings because later in life the bullied might decide to take action and go and start shooting up the school to get revenge on a bully! Then more people will get hurt when they don't have to be!

Bullying affects our grades. Statistics show that on a daily average 160,000 children miss school because they fear they will be bullied again! That means the victim of the bullying won’t have the best grades as possible. Most kids nowadays commit suicide because of bullying. Bullying is a big problem in the US. I think people should get that bullying is affecting the human population and its hurting many families.

Every year, millions of American teens and pre-teens are exposed or commit suicide from bullying. Bullies make their victims’ lives miserable; they torture their daily activities. Kids who get bullied in school will remember who bullied them forever, even when they become an adult. The bullies didn’t realize how horrible their actions are. They have never thought about what they had made their victims go through. They thought that they shouldn’t care if someone else bullied them, and that no one will be brave enough to pick a fight with them or call them names. Stop bullying its not right.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Even if they are “different” that doesn’t matter. Who cares if they're gay,lesbian, or transgender? Who cares if their into different things than you are? Be nice to them. If you want to be treated nicely then treat others nicely. Don’t bully just because you have bad things going on at home. Be the better person and stop this madness.

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