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LEGO Towers

September 27, 2018
By Sweden BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
Sweden BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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Imagine that you have a small pile of LEGO bricks and another boy wants to build a tower to compete with yours. You both start building your towers, but you suddenly find out that you are out of LEGO bricks. You both had used them all to make your towers. However, since you started first, your tower is a tiny bit taller. The kid wants his tower to be taller than yours, so he is mean to you. Everytime he says something rude to you, he takes a brick off your tower and puts it on his. He's tearing your tower down, piece by piece. He does this because he wants to prove to himself and others that he is better than you. However, you can still make your tower bigger. You are precious. When ever you hear a complement like that, your tower grows a little taller every day. People will willingly hand you bricks. Keep building that tower and one day you'll touch the stars.

The author's comments:

Originally, I wrote this to explain bullying to a little child.

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